Cooking Around the Globe

Cooking Around The Globe


Grades 5-8

8 Sessions - $350 (includes materials & food fees)

Instructor: Lisa Finn

Using farm-fresh ingredients, this series will take our young chefs around the world, starting in our local gardens! In the farm’s new commercial kitchen, Chef Lisa Finn will cover basic knife skills and cooking techniques, like mise en place (putting everything in its place), while exploring creative ways of making delicious, farm-fresh, simple and nutritious recipes with some ingredients plucked straight out of our own organic gardens!

Get ready for the blooming season with a fresh new harvest that will take our spring series from South America to Southeast Asia! The spring global tasting tour will include everything from Thai Chicken Zoodle soup (with zucchini & rice noodles), Shumai Sticky Rice Dumplings, Savory Meat & Veggie-filled Empanadas to Coconut Tres Leches (Milk Cake). Of course, eating what we cook is always part of the fun. Let the food journey begin!

Day Dates Code
Wednesday October 4 - November 29
Wednesday April 18 - June 6 Register
Kids Farm to Table

Kids' Farm-to-table 101


Grades 4-6

8 Sessions - $350 (includes materials & food fees)

Instructor: Kathy Oberman Tracy

Come learn how to cook what is growing in the gardens at Wakeman Town Farm, as well as a variety of seasonal favorites. Jr. Chefs will make tasty treats, learn proper knife skills, and experience how a kitchen class works in Wakeman’s brand-new commercial kitchen. Join Chef Kathy Oberman at the farm as we enjoy creating an array of fun recipes made with seasonal offerings. Some of our dishes will include: apricot crumble, strawberry jam and strawberry rhubarb tarts, pasta carbonara with fresh garden peas, and organic garden salads, as well as recipes using artichokes and asparagus. Students will leave the 8-week session feeling more seasonally aware and more confident in the kitchen. Of course, eating what we cook is always part of the fun!

Day Dates Code
Thursday October 26 - January 4
Day Dates Code
Thursday January 11 - March 15 WTF206 Register
Day Dates Code
Tuesday March 20- May 15 WTF16

No classes: April 10

Holiday Baking Cooking Workshop

Kids' Holiday baking/cooking Workshop


Grades 2-5

Individual sessions - $65 (each session; includes materials/food fees). Take one session or as many as you like!

Instructor: Kathy Oberman Tracy

We love when the aromas of fresh baked goods fill our kitchen, as our Jr. Chefs learn to bake themed cookies, pies, bars and foods for special holidays. Next up: St. Patrick's Day Baking. Think Leprechauns, Shamrocks and a bit of the Irish in the kitchen.

Join us for one or more of our one-day holiday-inspired classes, and learn a few cool culinary tips and tricks along the way. Naturally, eating our creations is part of the fun!

Themed Class Dates Code
Halloween October 30 HC101
Thanksgiving November 21 HC102
Hanukkah December 5 HC103
Christmas December 19 HC104
Valentine’s February 13 HC105
St. Patrick’s Day March 13 HC106 Register
Easter/Passover March 27 HC107 Register