The Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center is an organic demonstration homestead dedicated to serving the Westport Community. The Farm is a model facility created to educate the community with local healthy food production, responsible land stewardship, sustainable practices and community service orientation.   Activities include educational workshops, student internships, after-school environmental clubs, children’s summer camp programs, growing fruits and vegetables, animal husbandry, providing a farm stand and CSA pickup location.  


The mission of Wakeman Town Farm is to serve the community as an educational demonstration center for sustainable living.  


In keeping with our agrarian roots, Wakeman Town Farm provides a place where we can experience hands-on homesteading practices, encompassing time honored and cutting edge methods, such ascomposting, succession planting, solar and wind power technologies.   Wakeman Town Farm offers a wide array of educational programs in agriculture, land stewardship and animal husbandry which serve to inspire the community to unite for the mutual benefit of a healthy environment and a more sustainable future.


Our History

Wakeman Town Farm has a rich agricultural history as one of the oldest family farm properties in Westport. This third-generation farm, owned by the Wakeman Family, was the site of a thriving agricultural operation and popular farm stand. Today, it has been brought back to life as a community farm and educational demonstration center. To learn more about the farm’s colorful history, please see our slides. 



John & Jennifer Montoni, Farm Caretakers

Liz Milwe, Co-Chair

Bill Constantino, Co-Chair

Christy Colasurdo, Co-Chair Emeritus & Events Director 

Judy Sloan, Vice-Chair and Secretary

Cathy Talmadge, Treasurer

Amy Ancel

Anne Burmeister

Alice Ely

Lisa Finn

Ilene Mirkine

Kathy Oberman

Terri Piekara

Tina Roche

Susan Schmidt

Jaime Smith

Robin Tauck