Help Wanted

It takes many hands to make Wakeman Town Farm run!  We have an array of volunteer opportunities at the farm,
as well as a few paid gigs. Our current needs include:


Kitchen Helpers

We are building our roster of kitchen helpers. These kitchen aids will mainly assist in the set up and clean up of culinary classes (after school kids’ classes from 3-6) and in the evenings 7-10 p.m. (adult classes). Our helpers are typically individuals interested in the culinary arts who are looking for a volunteer experience for credit or for an hourly stipend ($12-$15/hour). The classes are engaging and fun, and we have worked with both qualified student helpers, retirees, and local residents who are excited at being a part of our culinary events and seek to get more involved at the farm. Key attributes are reliability, willingness to do the “dirty jobs” of washing dishes and cleaning up with a positive attitude. If you’re interested, please contact Christy at


Custodial Helper

We seek a paid custodial helper ($15/hour) to assist before and after key events, which are either in the evenings (7 p.m.-10 p.m.) or afternoons and some weekends (typically set up is on Friday afternoons).

This person must be strong, as he/she will be tasked with bringing chairs up and down for the basement, moving tables in and out of the space along with our farm steward, helping reset our room configuration according to the type of event we are hosting (i.e. auditorium-style seating, sit-down dinner, cocktail event).

The job will include basic cleanup of a small, 1,200-square foot facility. Tasks: sweeping, mopping, wiping down counters in kitchen and bathrooms, restocking toilet paper and paper towels, taking out the garbages and putting in fresh liners. This is a good gig for a flexible job changer or retiree or custodian seeking extra hours. This job requires reliability (one “no show” and you’re out), and a friendly, can-do attitude.) We may have additional “handyperson” tasks for more hours, if small fix-it tasks and tasks, like using a leaf blower, fall within your qualifications. If you’re interested, please contact Christy at



We seek a wonderful local photographer to help capture the essence of what we do here at the farm. That means taking shots of everything from our youngest kids communing with animals during our Little Farmer program to taking photos of some of our cooking classes and larger events, like Eggstravanza, Holiday Tree Lighting, and Harvest Fest, plus snapping seasonal shots of the farm and gardens from Spring-Winter. This is a very flexible opportunity, but also a visible role that will provide the right photographer with photo credit and high visibility within the community. This has been an unpaid volunteer gig in the past; however, we could pay $15/hour for a photographer seeking a stipend.