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The Southport Globe Onion Initiative: Reviving the Prolific Heirloom in Westport with Sefra Alexandra

Come peel back the layers with us at the Farm for an evening with The Seed Huntress, Sefra Alexandra, as she discusses her quest to revitalize the noble Southport Globe Onion, a regional staple heirloom that brought wealth and prominence to our historic agricultural area. 

Sefra, a Cornell-educated ethnobotanist and Greens Farms resident, is is on a perennial expedition to breathe new life into both the regional onion culture and create renewed excitement about planting and stewarding the heirloom Southport Globe Onion variety. She will bring some heirloom seeds to share with attendees and show us how to germinate them indoors and then plant them in gardens in and around Westport.

Let's all get our hands on the land this season, for a community-wide effort to welcome this heirloom back to its native soils for the first time in 130 years! 

Join us in Tim's Kitchen on March 4th, as we march forth on our quest to promote bioregional seed "hubs," with a lively discussion and demonstration about seed saving, including light allium-inspired refreshments (think onion tarts and wine).  PHOTO: Jonathan R. Beckerman Photography

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