Summer Saturdays on the Farm

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From 9:30-10:30 on Saturdays, kids will love watching Farmer Corey feed or halter train our our adorable little Shetland sheep, our alpaca, AJ, and our feisty goats, Marshall and Chase. Check out the nesting boxes of our chickens to see if they’ve laid any multi-colored eggs, or visit with a floppy-eared rabbit. 

Feel free to stroll the gardens. You can chat with a knowledgeable master gardener between 11 and 1:00, or bring your coffee and hang out at our picnic tables for breakfast. When it’s time to leave, be sure to stop by our wonderful organic farm stand, open every Saturday from 10-2,  and pick up all the organic produce you need for a backyard BBQ!*

Wakeman Town Farm is a special place for families. It’s YOUR town farm, so come out and visit!

*weather permitting


Goats At Work!


On August 21, we welcomed Green Goats and two of the finest in their herd to Wakeman Town Farm.
The goats’ grazing will help sustainably maintain Town land surrounding a retention pond south of the Farm and will permanently remove invasive plant species, maintain a natural habitat for wildlife, and beautify the area: all without the roar of a lawnmower or the spray of a chemical. They should also make for some fun “goat spotting” along Wakeman Drive!
You can stop by the Farm during visitor hours or take a walk down Wakeman Drive next to the Farm to see if you can spot the landscaping goats. They will be working the area until the end of the growing season this fall. 
Just remember for their health and yours, please do not feed or pet the goats!
For more info on Green Goats check out their website here

Happy Chickens and gratitude!


We're so grateful to the Westport Woman's Club for their continued support of The Farm! We so appreciate the grant that enabled us to build a chicken tractor that allows our feathered friends to move around the farm safely, eating worms, grubs and even ticks, and fertilizing along the way, all without threat of predators! The Woman's Club and Westporter Robin Tauck also generously donated funds to help us build our wonderful greenhouse a few years back! 


A HUGE thank you!


Wakeman brings out the best of humanity!  Our friends Ginger Donaher, Jim Donaher and the Gault Stone & Landscape Supplies family generously donated stone for a beautiful new entry at the farm. 

Following their lead, Scott Rose of Jaysky Landscape and Excavation and Cleber Ramos - Patios and Walks donated their time and expertise to install it. We are humbled.